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Originally Posted by mrj25 View Post
That is definitely m-sport clean
Your car inspired most mods on mine, thanks

Originally Posted by flip4335 View Post
gotta change your sig pics now!*

Love the MTechnik look.*

I just installed lci MSport bumper and lci hood on my pre-lci recently, after an unfortunate accident. Didn't swap out my blacklines, so we look like opposite ends of front and back! Combine the two and you could have a pre-lci MTechnik look or an lci MSport look!

Haha nice. Frankenbimmers!

The accidenr was in the rear?

Originally Posted by Cbozz View Post
Yo, this looks great! and I think the splitters will look sick on it!! and def get the 6k fogs.. and get that sharkfin black damn it!!!
Haha I'm still debating splitters, I'm thinking hamann which are similar but it's just a lower lip spoiler it doesn't cover anything:

Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
If clean is what you're going for, than you certainly are doing it right!!
Originally Posted by Sal@AUTOcouture View Post
new face is waaaaaaay better
Originally Posted by 335REGULATION View Post
1000 times better. Car looks sick as-is!
Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by bodybump View Post
Good job Pat!!! we doing the door handles soon?
Painting or wrapping?

Originally Posted by shim! View Post
So much cleaner, although, for some reason, the ACS lip didn't bother me on your car as much as it did on some others.. Guess it just grew on me from your sig, haha.

Any plans for a lip? The Studie lip would look awesome.
Haha thanks, yeah I didn't have too much problem with acs I was just getting bored and picked this bumper with all the parts for a good price. Plus one of the sills covers the oil cooler so even though I didn't really notice an difference, it bothered me.

Studie lip would be later done the line, I'd like to humor smaller (cheaper) lips like the lower splitter lol

Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
Looks great Pat. I would get CF splitters with a CF performance spoiler.
Lol not enough carbon fiber on my car, plus if I want to keep the theme going all the parts have a premium charge for cf parts

Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
the new front end looks great, nice job with all the mods
Thanks alen!

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