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Originally Posted by five3three View Post
Not about believing in bad luck but I feel your pain about the shutting off in the worst possible place.

Earlier this year I had my water pump fail while I was on the beltway right as I was hitting some traffic so wasn't able to cruise to the shoulder. When traffic goes again, I'm in complete disable mode (not even limp) and couldn't give any gas.

I end up stuck in one of the middle lanes of the beltway as cars fly by on both sides and all I could do was sit there like an idiot until after a few minutes it cooled down enough to let me limp off to the side of the highway.

I still love the car but that was the most dangerous thing that could happen. The car should let you select your intelligence level before you drive as I'm sure they want to prevent idiots from driving carefree with an overheating car. I am pretty sure 10 seconds of extra driving to the side of the road would not have ruined my engine and I would prefer to ruin my motor rather than be stuck in the middle of a highway lane! Rather, I got to sit like an idiot in a nice looking car in the middle of the highway with others flying by me on both sides.

Luckily, I didn't get rear ended by any distracted drivers driving at 80+ mph.

I love BMW, but they fail on this one.
Although thats a sucky situation. Honestly that could happen to any car. cars breakdown, its a fact of driving. And guess what? All cars break unless its never driven, and if thats the case driving a car thats been sitting is usually much worse than driving a car thats driven and maintained