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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
I dunno - I say if you get a CPO one with warranty, go for it. Any "problems" would be handled by the warranty, and it's an *awesome* engine - I find it to be better than the N55, for tuning/mods, anyway. I wouldn't buy an out-of-warranty one, but would if it were. Just don't forget that N54 ended what, in the first part of 2010?
I guess you had dealt with some problems. CPO is only good for another 2-3years max from the time you take possession on the car.
I know it has a great engine but might come with headaches. Probably the same reason you got rid of it.

I'll see what I find but they are all ranging in the 30k price range and with taxes... close to 36k.

Unless I find one with decent low mileage under 30k then I'll consider it.
Preferably with sport package, manual.