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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Here is my point of view and it's not because I still own a 335. The N54 engine is bulletproof compared to many other engines and by engine I exclude what I define as auxiliary components like turbos, wastegates etc. So to me engine are the internals, cylinders, valves, heads etc only. Weaknesses on the turbos, wastegates are really easy to fix. If that car was 400 lbs lighter, I'd keep it!
I dunno, "weakness on the turbo" is what, a $6K job? I'm a bit hesitant to call that "easy to fix"

As for the weight... easy! Delete rear seat, swap hood/trunk for CF, remove soundproofing (there's prob 100 lbs just of that) (but keep the interior, don't need to go all out), and strip and weld the rear doors. there's your 400 lbs.