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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
Wow! Our cars were both put in service Nov 2009 (I presume yours is a 2010, too) and have almost identical mileage (I'm at 64400).

I switched to winters this last winter. The original Bridgestone RE050A RFT lasted around 23K, the 2nd set I put on - Michelin Pilot Sport ZP - the rears lasted around 20K or so, bought a new pair and the fronts may not last the next 20K. But mine are ZSP and yours sound like the non-sport; sounds like you got pretty good mileage out of them.
Yeah mine's also a 2010, non-sport 17" rims.
My actual mileage is around 43,000 miles per year which I spread over two Diesel vehicles (335D & ML). I gave the TDI to my daughter.

My D had been trouble free for the first 60K miles and then in mid-March I got the first SES which led to the replacement of fuel injector # 4 but the SES stayed on after I took it back and had to send it back in twice before it's finally fixed after the intake manifold and DDE were replaced and the cylinder head was cleaned off carbon buildup.

My D was out of warranty when this happened but my SA got BMW to provide all the parts while I paid part of the labor!

Now that it's fixed I hope to drive it till the wheels fall off!

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