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Trade 2010 for 2011 328xi

Wondering if this is possible:

Have seen a lot of 2011 328xis w/under 15k miles for well under $30k. Wondering what it would cost out of pocket to swap my 2010 45k miles, cold weather, premium, xenon, manual for a 2011 with low miles/potential former loaner. I definitely have to have xenons, going auto this time and preferably nav.

The intent here would be to drive it for a couple of years and upgrade to an X5 or 5 series as the family grows. Living in the city, i'm looking forward to an automatic and also want a few more years of warranty and maintenance coverage. What do you think i should be targeting for an out of pocket cost (2010 paid for)?

Trade-in value in excellent condition is around 22.5k, but not sure how realistic this is.

Thanks in advance