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Your mileage isn't bad for a 2010...

Don't take less than 22k for your trade-in(I was offered that at multiple dealerships recently for my 2009 at 30k miles), you should be able to drive out with an '11 no problem under 30k.

You have to remember, all the packages etc only play a huge roll in price on a brand new vehicle, usually. Once a vehicle leaves the lot, depreciation alone, kills the price of most of the package options. Dealerships hate when you mention it, but the KBB app is pretty useful tool on the go & pretty accurate.

Biggest thing about going into the dealership is being smart and humbling yourself, be too standoffish and they won't work with you on a deal. At the same time, don't get took for a fool.

KEY FACTOR* Your best negotiating will be done face-to-face with the REAL finance manager once you make it to his or her desk. NOT on the sales floor with the salesman, sales manager, "fake finance manager" who sits a few desks'll know the difference! lol

The one your dealing with in the back when your getting ready to sign the real paperwork...they don't want to lose you at this point, this is when you get "hesitant" on if you want the vehicle

I'm not saying I used to sale cars or anything but.....
LAST 24 MONTHS = E90 328i LCI xdrive *SOLD* / E36 328is Because Race car / 11-Volvo S40 T5 *SOLD* / 96-Japanese Evo 4 *SOLD* / 04-Saturn Ion Redline *SOLD*/ 10-V6 Camaro *SOLD* / E90 LCI 335XI aaaand I think I found a winner it right or do it twice(or more)