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Originally Posted by RD335 View Post
I will not put wax on a car anymore. 20 years ago, sure.. These days there are so many modern products that last much longer than wax, dry hard, and resist dirt.

I use ZAINO products - but there are a ton of other brands that people like.

This is a poll - do you WAX your BMW, or use synthetics?

I think just about everyone started with a wax product. Waxing a car on a Saturday afternoon is a very iconic image in our culture and many find the act of waxing the car relaxing. It is also a great bonding moment with your kids. I am sure everyone has memories of waxing the car with your parents (mostly dad) as a child.

Sealants do last much longer and IMO shines just as well as waxes (Good quality Sealant vs Good quality Wax). The "WAX Guys" will tell you that a wax will always have more depth. In trying to get the best of both worlds, topping off a sealant with a wax has been a common practice for the "die hard".

The technology has advance so much that your question should be "Why use synthetics (sealants) at all when we have nano-coatings". The life span of most coatings is not measure in months but in years and then there is Opti-coat....last as long as your paint.

I am a sealant/coating guy.
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