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Originally Posted by maq
So LSD = muscle car? You obviously have no idea about what an LSD does.
"LSD = muscle car" is not what I wrote... Read it again...

I'm very aware of what it does... I laid plenty of double black patches with my GT's LSD.

The 325/330 is not a sports car, the M is... Most of the people enjoying their 325 on a winding road have no need of it. They aren't auto-x'ing, they aren't pushing it that hard.

Originally Posted by maq
The single most frurstrating thing when you bring a non-M Bimmer to track/autoX is when coming out of a corner, watching your revs go sky high but the car would not accelerate away.

Open diff SUCKS.
Then perhaps you should try a car with a Torsen differential, that doesn't happen whether or not it has an LSD connected to it.