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Smile Vishnu/FFTEC Update: What's new at the shop? (oct 1st)

Hi guys,
All of us at Vishnu and FFTEC Motorsports would like to thank you for your ongoing support. Because of this support, we've been able to push this platform further than we would have thought possible just a year ago. So it's time for another What's New at the Shop threads

The cage in our shop car is almost done. It's been tacked together for fitment (and it fits me perfectly!) Next, it's going to be fully welded and painted. And then the interior gets re-installed!

Harness bar:

Rear supports:

Door bar:

Next, another one of our out-of-state single turbo cars is done. Actually, it was done several days ago. But we needed to put at least 250 miles on the brand new Spec Stage 2+ clutch before we could start with the dyno pulls/full boost testing. That starts tomorrow.

Fortunately, it just got some really nice new tires... 285mm wide in the rear!

Here's another out-of-state single turbo conversion. This car is actually done by now. This pic is a 3 days old

Old stock twin turbos anyone?

And joe c's Wavetrack ready to get installed:

Well actually, it's already installed (old photo). It took a bit longer than anticipated because we didn't have the necessary shim kit. But now it's in the car and ready to be tested tomorrow (along with the newly installed FlexFuel kit):

And here's a fun photo showing how restrictive and convoluted the twin turbo set up is compared to our single turbo. And this doesn't even show the horribly restrictive inlet pipes the twin turbos have to breathe through:

And this pic goes to show that sometimes you have to fully immerse yourself in your work:


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