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Wait, what? I am so confused - you're avoiding Sonax and IronX now?

Sonax Full Effect and IronX use the exact same active ingredient as CG Diablo Wheel Gel. All three are perfectly save for uncoated aluminum. Amazing Roll Off is caustic; it can be safe on alum, but it would need to be removed almost immediately. If you want a list of the safest stuff to clean uncoated alum wheels I'd say, from safest to least, it'd be something like this:

1) Water (although even water can oxidize uncoated aluminum if you let it dry on the wheels)
2) Soap and water
3) Sonax Full Effect
4) IronX (never SFE or ironx will damage aluminum... think about it, both are 100% safe on all automotive surfaces, if they damaged alum they would damage trim, older bumpers, etc).
5) P21S wheel Gel
6) Autoglym All Wheel Cleaner
7) everything else (since almost everything else is caustic or acidic).

On a separate note; waxing the wheels will do nothing. Carnuaba has a meting temp way below the temp a wheel will reach. Jetseal is a better option although I still wouldn't bother. Go with a wheel specific product, or even better, opti coat them. Opti Coat *will* stop alum from oxidizing.