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Originally Posted by psnt1ol View Post
IronX or Trix does make the claying process easier and faster since it get rid of most of the above surface contaminants.

As you probably know by now.... i like trying out new products. It drives the wife crazy. I tried Eagle One many years ago. I honestly don't remember much from it. I think it was middle of the road since it didn't leave any lasting memory.

Here is the consolidated version of all the conversations we had so far.

Get some good quality brushes.

Clean your wheels with the aid of a safe cleaner (CG Diablo, Eagle one, Etc).

Use a stronger chemical if necessary (IronX, Trix, Sonax).

Clay if possible.

Once the wheels are clean, protect them with a coating (Opti-coat, Cquartz. etc) or with a high temp tolerant sealant (Permanon, CG wheel Wax, Collinite).

When the above steps are done then all you do going forward is maintenance washes with brushes, car soap ,and water. You would reapply the sealant several times over the course of the year or when you feel necessary. A Coating will last for years in the right condition.

I hope this helps. If you are in Nor Cal, I would say come over and I will show you but good Luck anyways.
My girlfriend says the same to me! She wonders why I keep trying new products every month when the bottle isn't even 1/3 gone. I just told her because I wanna restore old cars(a lie but its believable lol) I used CG wheel wax when I first bought the rims and yesterday when I finally washed my wheels, it was absolutely amazing. I used a presoak and then blasted it off with a pressure washer. I didn't even touch the wheels and it all came off clean and the water beaded up with no problems. And thanks for all the help!

Originally Posted by Linwe View Post
If it counts for anything Sonax is a German brand and very highly rated over there an trusted by many car detailers. Im sure they thoroughly test on bimmers, mercs etc. I wouldn't be surprised if they make the BMW OEM car care range.

For baked on brake dust and tar unfortunately soap and water doesn't cut it. Do wheels with wheel cleaner every second wash and just give the wheels a rub down with regular car wash in the interim if you're concerned about product harshness.
From what I heard from a friend, the bmw wheel cleaner is actually sonax but a thicker gel? I'm very close to testing that theory and seeing if it is true or not. I'm just afraid of that super baked on brake dust from the inner barrel. I guess in those cases, a shine finish isn't in the question lol
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I'm going to use a very simple analogy, I hope you'll understand.
Driving is like having sex.
It really is. You can read up all you want about how to please a woman, you can look at all the diagrams in the world, but just like the clitoris, you won't know what the hell an apex is before you actually find it.