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I had a 07 335i e90 w/ 120k+ miles ('06 production) that I finally traded... JB4 Tune since 110k... I was hoping to keep but it needed too much to be done to it. I had Route 66 extended warranty. Never again!!! They e'ffin suck and didn't wanted to cover some of the repairs below, buyers BEWARE!!! I had really bad luck with this car; I got the car with about 55k miles...

***My recommendation to you would be getting a lower mile 335i unless your buddy has good exp. with 335's and/or not scared to go under the hood and do things... BMW req alot of speciality tools as well as a BMW scanner... Regular OBD scanner are useless for 335's

Overall I loved the car and didn't want to let it go, but now I love my LCI better
- 2 water pumps replaced (around 80k and 100k)
- Exhaust Vanos replaced (92k)
- All Boost hose replaced (92k - for boost leak)
- 3 Thermostat replaced + programming (70k, 80, 100k)
- 2 HPFP dealership replaced (88k, 92k)
- Pre Cat O2 sensors replaced (112k)
- Low Pressure Fuel sensor (120k)
- Faulty AHL module
- Oil leaks from Engine pan, Tranny and Differential
I think I covered everything
yea, by buddy use to work at ford and chevy. Now he works on forklifts. So i really dont think he ll have BMW specific equipment. thats whats im afraid of........ still having to goto the dealer or a german INDY shop.