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Originally Posted by emathis View Post
Absolutely right. They might be powerful car, but they remain diesel cars with all their positive but also all their negative sides.
THe engineers can ad as many turbos as they want, the sound of these engines will still be sh....
And....let's be honest, he who can afford an 80K+ car will be able to pay the price for a few litters more in terms of consumption....and get the sound on top.
And useless to talk about emission standards.....this is all just holly sh....something invented but the politicians to make people believe that diesel engines are cleaner than gas engines......hahaha!
Cars are priced quite different over here. 80K is still relatively cheap compared to many other cars of the segment of powerfull diesels.

Fuel is priced at something like 1.80Euro/L now thoughout the EU union, so choosing a consumption of 6.6L/100km or 12L/100km is basically not a few liters for most people.

Is the typical 'we' in the US applied to everyone else around the globe who for most people are off worse than you are.

personally, I think it's great with high powered diesels, but as mentioned in a prior post, adding the M credentials to the car seems wrong, since this is what every //M owner have made fun off, when none //M owners adds the badge to their car....
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