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Originally Posted by edelossantos View Post
I brought my vehicle into the dealership for a CBS based brake fluid flush and was informed that they would also perform this recall. I had not yet received a letter from BMW, so I was suprised.

Not only did they perform this service, but during a test drive they noticed that my car had no boost. They replaced a vacum accumulator upon further analysis. They also replaced a microfilter and also both cup holders due to peeling.

Here are the parts that they used:

PKHPP - High pressure pump
13-53-7-582-770 - ASA-BOLT
13-51-7-616-446 - EXCHANGE HIGH PRESS
13-53-7-614-317 - SENSOR FOR LOW PRESS
11-65-2-247-620 - VACUM TANK
64-31-9-142-115 - MICRO FILTER

I have a 335i sedan with a build date of September 2007.

Dealership is Crevier BMW in Santa Ana and Sonny is my SA. My experience with Crevier has been exceptional and they have always exceeded my expectations.
Now THIS is the way all BMW dealers should treat their customers. I had a similar positive experience with my dealer (Taylor BMW, Augusta, GA) when I brought my car in for a routine oil service - they gave me a loaner car and told me to return the following day because there was a bunch of stuff they wanted to put to right (even replacing the air bag unit because I complained about cosmetic blemishes in the roundel emblem in the center of the steering wheel).

From your build date, it sounds like you might be getting towards the end of your warranty this year. Shortly before that happens, be sure to go over your car with a fine tooth comb and note anything and everything that does not function like new. Sounds like your dealership is one that will remedy everything you find with zero hassle.

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