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2008 BMW 335i  [3.75]
Guess I can load txt files. Here's a good log, I've deleted the excess information so let me point out the stuff to focus on.
  • TPS Value of 80.98 is consistent from 3200 RPMs all the way out to 6200 (ideal data log RPM range)
  • Zero Timing Corrections during the pull
  • AFRs hit target of 12-13 throughout the pull (12 is the ideal value)
  • LTFT & STFT never come close/exceed 25 (max'd out value)
  • I deleted my Boost curve out of respect for my tuner (Jake@PTF), but I'm using Stockers & my curve holds 18 psi for a little time. It's okay as long as it's midrange (4k-6k), it just needs to get back down to sub-14 by redline.

If I had the time I'd go take a better log & wind it out from 2,500 RPMs to 6,500, but you get the idea. It does suck taking logs, but once you find an open stretch of road with low traffic it's great. If you can, try even taking a log as you merge onto a highway since 3rd gear around 2,500 RPMs is basically 45 MPH & ends around 95 when you get to 6,500 RPMs.

Looking at your logs again, it looks like it's hot as fux outside (100+ the whole time) which kills performance. Your AFRs are a little lean for my taste (high 14 values, briefly 15), the Boost is okay because it's midrange & tapers back down to 13/14 at Redline.

Like I said original, try to hold 2,500 RPMs & start logging. Once the screen flashes that it's started, stomp on it & ride out 3rd until 6k+. I'd also recommend that you change on your AP from logging Timing Cyl. 1 to Cylinder 3-5. It'll just give you a better reading since Cylinder 1 is the furthest from the TB.

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