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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
Then last year, i called my x bf in the morning, and i pretended that i was crying. He kept asking me wahts wrong??? I said omg you wont believe what happened? Someone broke into my parents restaurant, and they stole all the money, they broke all the plates, pots, glasses.. they threw all the sauce all over the walls. My parents are down there talking to the cops, my mom is devasted, we have to close for over a month.. etc. He was like WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP PEOPLE ARE OUT THERE??! Do you want me to come over? Omg im so sorry.. he was going on and on and i pretending to cry.. hahaha then i told him APRIL FOOLS... AGAIN!

He hung up on me.

Hmm.. now i know why we arent together hahah..
damn thats kind of messed up.