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Originally Posted by Ninjaneer View Post
That'd be nice but I have no way to lift the car, no ramps, and I live in an apt. complex so it'd just get too awkward.

Nice, that's the lowest I've heard.

I agree that upto $120ish is fine, that was my impression of the average on the forums, but more than that is just unreasonable.

then buy ramps! shit they will pay for themselves and then some on the first oil change

i live in an app complex too, i have my car up on jackstands all the time

are you one of those people who thins everyones looking at you, talking about you wondering wtf your doing, cuz their not, they dont care one bit

well, one dude came over once when i was spraying a temp protectant on my car becasue it looked like i was just spraypainting the hood of someones car