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New ec7's et25...ish

What's up everyone? Just got Ferrara (06 325i) back from the bmw shop last monday. I call her that because the color combo. EC7's 18x9 et31 up front, 18x10 et25 in the back wrapped in Conti DW 235/18/40 and 265/18/35. I went against alot of suppliers in their offset recommendations and they fit just like the Internets said they would. Everything stock non-sport zero rub.

I spinned out this past winter and curbed the back right wheel to hell and the front one just kind of. I was on 16's with old run flats and a bad alignment and the difference is insane. Night and day. Handles better, tracks better, and glides like a Cadillac. I feel confident driving it now. Super smooth and stable, and the car feels way faster. It feels like what I imagined a 330i would feel like.

Back left wheel seems to stick out alot more. Has new subframe and everything on the right is new (axel, strut, control arm hub, etc.). I'm wondering if it's because frame damage, or maybe used subframe was bent, or maybe the hub was not genuine BMW or maybe the camber settings are different and it's normal.
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