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Originally Posted by M5Rick View Post
Monty: ''That's why they (Merc) were so adamant during the negotiations to introduce (hybrid) V6 engines from 2014''.
Merc is one of the biggest manufacturers and steamrollered Fia into introducing these hybrids (which they were working on since '07 remember) on 'save the earth' grounds.
Monty knew he was against a giant manufacturer and the scene was already set in Mercs favour so he didn't want Ferrari to be seen as a detractor.
And where's the proof that Mercedes forced v6's to be the engine architecture? Hear say means nothing. Even the FIA director said all teams were developing under the same engine regulations till the change. Also like I said before ZERO proof of Mercedes developing their engine since 2007, even Monty didn't say that directly that was just an interpretation. It was kers in development in 2007.

When a team starts dominating the haters start hating.
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