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N43 Fuel Pressure Issues

Hi everyone,

So I'm down this mad rabbit hole of chasing a missing injector adaptation/lernbit on my 2011 e90 320i with n43b20 170ps.
Long story short I think I narrowed it down to the Fuel Preparation System.

First of all my Low Pressure circuit fluctuates a bit out of spec. I believe ISTA+ specs the jitter of the circuit to 5bar +/- 0.2 bar which is quite liberal from what I've read in most places. I believe Bimmerprofs specs tolerances in +/- 0.1bar. My jitter at it's worst is almost +/- 0.3 bar.

Secondly my High Pressure circuit/rail is stuck at 150bar all the time, sometimes it rises a bit, most I've seen it rise since I started tracking it is 170bar. Bimmerprofs specs the HP circuit to rise from 150bar to 200bar from 2000rpm onwards. The jitter is within spec, I've never seen it rise or fall more than 0.08 bar.

Third of all, when shutting off the engine, BOTH HP and LP segments rise in pressure continuously for about 8 minutes(HP rises from 150bar to 238bar and LP rises from 5bar to 5.6bar) and then the slowly decrease.

A couple more things worth mentioning are that 2 or 3 times in the past 6 months I've had the engine randomly shut off when coming to a normal dead stop. No fault codes registered, I turned the engine back on after without any issues. The other thing is that sometimes I feel a feint smell of gas when starting the car. No smoke coming from the back.

Any help is much appreciated.

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