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Originally Posted by DonaldPump View Post
This is exactly how russian KB swings are taught in CF. Whatever you do as far as exercise physiology, I fear for your clients.
It's funny this came back up. Was watching a guy in the gym the other day lifting that had the typical crossfit leotard compression get up on, sporting Reebok like it's going out of style! Now while he had great lower build as most C.F. followers do from the excessive squating, watching what yall call over head presses is frankly awesomely cute! Cheese and rice people, no wonder y all blow your shoulders out all the time!

Lol, funny part "we" the exercise physiologist specialize in correcting your anterior pelvic tilts from over tightened hip flexors, hip girdle, and erector spinae(see below), compressed nerves, and all the other fun and exciting things bad mechanics create!

As far as my clients go, I let my ability, experience, and proof in the pudding do the work! I'm as natty as can be, only take 3500cals a day on a 50p/30f/20c split, Agmatine, kre-akalyn, and 6 servings of BCAAs a day with glutamine and L-Carnitine. Oh and take a myovite multi pack 2x a day! As soom as Im 35 TRT in full effect if needed!

My 6'5" femurs sporting quads with little sun lol!

This is something I wouldn't have my client do, but I will!!!!! 275# for 8 on the Swiss ball as a finisher to a fun home lift!