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Originally Posted by ACEE View Post want to build my car???? I'll give you Sara in return

Sara was in I should have kidnapped her.

Originally Posted by engotski View Post
Love it all! but the TE37L graphite version minus the "because racecar" wing
can't go wrong with TE37

Originally Posted by Andy@LTBMW View Post
Love this ... incredible story
I love the other story. love you Andy

Originally Posted by Beas View Post
always liked the porsche grey with red mirrors. black HREs were sick too!

the automatic trans really brings it down a level though.
Yup, HRE C93 was SICK. sorry about the transmission...never thought that my car will turn out to be this was suppose to be my daily 30 miles commuter

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
:fapfapfapfapfapfap: awww yeee!!! e90post moddin behemoth on deck!!
y'all no0bs besta get up out da way outta hurr! skurrr... so. much. quality. :slowclaproundofapplause:

creaminz e90 = still my drug
e90post = still my supplier
haters = always da police

dude, this thread is str8 up epic of all proportions, gotfuckinDAYUM!
where's the emoticon that shows me passin out from all this hardcore content when i need it?
every single stage has had its unique attributes that r all desirable.
basically, pretty much luv'd every aspect except 1m bumper.

my fave wheels: ce28, dbk lm, c93, tciii, te37sl, 540, r43 n e88... oh wait, aint that all of 'em??
my fave bbk color: hands down, fiji green. pure sex
hahaha you are the best man. bimmerpost should pay you to keep you around. Thank you like always.

Originally Posted by iBoost View Post
According to my calculations, you're a fukkin baller. Sick project!

I'm curious what's your other car, since your e90 is always getting modded? Lol
Well I still daily my E90 but I do have a van I drive when my E90 is down...and E30 M3...once that is built, I will daily that

Originally Posted by psmitty95 View Post
Wow it's crazy how much your car has changed. Definitely one of my favorite E90's
thank you!

Originally Posted by TeamSoloE93 View Post
Red TEs and the bigger Varis wing with the Ferrari rear was my favorite setup, period.
Voltex wing but ye that setup was pretty gangstah, police magnet.

Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
I'll take partial credit for this wonderful idea
Great job Darren.
Thank you for the brilliant idea

Originally Posted by Laid Black 335i View Post
Good god... money pit for sure. Amazing car though!

You have more wheel changes than I have had oil changes on my car... lol.
What!? you suppose to change oil every 3000 miles

Originally Posted by Lowandslow115 View Post
this has been most helpful for me with rim diameter ... thank you and what kind of side skirt lips are they ive been looking for something like that now for a long time and cant find anything
I try to put accurate specs as possible but couple wheels, I am not sure of offset or never been told by the manufacturer.
Those side skirts have been out of stock for awhile, I will check with LTMW again and let you know the status.

Originally Posted by jolette View Post
What a great thread!!!

Originally Posted by Schm View Post
I am going to need to go change my boxers...

Originally Posted by Schurik View Post
somedays im sad.. then i going to this thread and the rest of the day is best
haha same here

Originally Posted by manutdas11 View Post
I think I just shed a tear.

Originally Posted by SES_D View Post
thread lock of E90post history. awesome memories Darren.
Great great memories for sure. 4 years of hardcore modding, spending good chunk of money of e90...sweat...tears...but in the end I earned friendships. worth it. love you mang

Originally Posted by Gunners_Mate View Post
This makes me so excited for my current E90 project. Your car is such an inspiration Darren!
Let me know what you are planning to do it or if you need any help

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Pls Go Back To Big Fin Scuderia Aka Diffuzoorrrs Masters Ofs Naoooooooooooooos!

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Great Thread!! insane looking car man!