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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
Somehow I don't think BMW is that interested in the opinion of someone whose car is now 3 generations old. I don't mean to attack you or make you feel bad for driving an E46, but you are not "the sole character of their brand" and as far as they're concerned you're not likely to be interested in buying the Z2 anyways, so why would they design it to make you happy?

This car would be aimed at the TT's slice of the market, and almost no one looking at a TT is interested in handling at the limit or even anywhere near the limit, weight balance and the added control of rear wheel drive are meaningless to this type of buyer so to them a FWD Z2 would be cheaper, lighter, more fuel efficient, maybe even quicker in a straight line thanks to lower drivetrain losses, and would have more space inside without a transmission and driveshaft running down the middle of the car.
Wow! An epiphany for BMW! Frontwheeldrive (which loads 60% of the car's weight over the front axle) leaves more space inside the cabin. Man, who'da thunk that? Maybe the ghost of Sir Alec Issigonis has been haunting those BMW engineers ever since BMW bought Mini. Or maybe it's just that good British food.

I guess everyone at BMW that worked there 30 years ago must have died. A FWD BMW is laughible. Oh but wait, there is the X6M too.

We already have a lot of roomy, great front wheel drive cars on the market from our friends in Asia (can you spell reliability?). So maybe the Chevy Citation wasn't such a bad idea after all.

BMW, thanks, but No Thanks...