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I'm pretty sure the FWD Z car won't be sold in the USA, so half the people in this thread can just chill out anyway.

I'm no fan of FWD personally, but the Mini is very good to drive and it's weird how much it still feels like a BMW to drive. I think it's also true that a large proportion of the general population will be able to drive a FWD closer to it's limits than a RWD, and therefore have more fun, which (apart from the sales race) is the name of the game.

On balance I'm okay with a small FWD roadster from BMW, however, if a small affordable RWD roadster, and a fire-breathing large M roadster (to compliment the M3 GTS powered Z4 GT3 race car), remain absent from the range, then I'll agree BMW's priorities are being skewed to much by the sales race.

Audi's been flogging its FWD TT for years now. People on here that say a FWD BMW roadster wouldn't sell need to open the eyes and look around.