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Did you grease your slide pins + brake bedding

1.) OK, after much searching and reading:

BMW states to NOT grease the silver 7mm slide pins holding the brake pads.

... i assume it is for fear of attracting dirt and brake dust?

However MANY have stated they have done it without any issue.

Well, I just did my rear brakes and I cleaned up the pins and then took a DAB of brake lub grease and slightly smeared them - very minimal amount - and put everything back together... i did this yesterday and everything seems fine, but i don't want to have problems later. I obviously can pull them back out and rub whatever grease is on them... but natural instinct tells you a slide part would need a little grease? And they are covered with a dust cap on the one end.

so - Did you grease your slide pins?

2.) Also, with brake bedding - doesn't it kind of contradict the thought of being “gentle” on the brakes over the first 500-1000 miles? …

I know the bed in procedure, and WILL do it when I replace my fronts in another 2 months (I only just did the rears and there is no real way to bed in the rears only)

Just seems odd many car brake manufacturers recommend gently using the brakes and avoiding hard stops, etc… and bedding is the exact opposite.

….I will be bedding my fronts and fully understand the reasoning behind it, so no need to go into detail about that.

I am using OE textar pads and centric rotors.
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