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let me get this straight. you sold the kit for the same price you paid for it and you still want to do a charge back???

here is the email from evo119 from him:

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because after I put it all on (and also realized the fit was poor on the 2 pieces I told you about) my GF and I decided it wasn't the look I was going for anyway. I then sold the trim to someone else who lives in Vegas, and told her about the fit issues (one I resolved personally - the ashtray cover) and also the piece that was supposed to be replaced by Long. Any refund or new piece given to me is going right to her and she is also ok with giving back the whole set for a full refund if it comes down to that. I didn't make any money off the sale, sold it for the same $500 that I bought it from you for.


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I wanted to clarify a few things.

Why did the trim get sent to Las Vegas and where are the rest of the pieces as well?
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