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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
1. why does that matter? just because it wasn't exactly the look I wanted in the end doesn't mean it still didn't fit correctly in the 1st place. and had it fit in the 1st place, reselling the trim wouldn't have made a difference.
2. Yes I am doing a full charge back so I can refund the 3rd party with the money, she is sick and tired of all of this as well. Maybe if it hadn't taken all of 2 months with no progress she'd want to keep it.
3. maybe you should try answering your PM's if you are still concerned about this being public.
4. I am getting really thin on patience with you Long, almost to the point of cursing you out (but I'm better than that). Nothing I have done here has been wrong or unwarranted. I can't believe you are even acting so surprised that I had sold the trim, you saw the address it came from and you know the address you sent it out to.

You and Drew are obviously into some shady stuff here, I don't even think Drew was the one who I paid for the trim because the sale on paypal said the name was Anthony Salazar... thats not Drew is it? So maybe Drew passed it along from someone else and had me pay them directly, maybe because this guy new it didn't fit correctly? You guys should probably come clean soon or else this could get even messier than it already is.
Ok, you can go ahead and try to do a CC charge back. That's fine. We have what we need when they contact me.

You're trying to to do a charge back when you sold the trim for the same price you bought it for. How do we know you're not going to pocket it and run off? How do we know the person in vegas isn't your friend either?

Plain and simple, you sold the kit and made your money back and now you want to dispute another charge to get another $500 back. If anything the lady should be disputing with YOU!

As for my paypal account, it's under my pops. I've had that thing for over 10 years and opened it a LONNNGG time ago before i had a bank account.

Anyone can tell you my last name and will vouch for who i am. You paid me directly and i have screenshots and emails to prove it.