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^^^ Useful comment and certainly will help many to setup their sound system better.

@ Taibnal, I agree with you that after allowing MS-8 to do its job, we should not play with amp gains and that is how I would do it, if I ever go for MS-8.

I wonder if you upgrade front and rear speakers and set the amp gains before calibration of MS-8 (lets say to 9'O clock position if 7'O clock is the starting point). Would that not sound better compared to rear OEM speakers hooked directly to MS-8 and front (upgraded speakers) coming from amp?

Or it does not really matter?

Also I would appreciate you comments on these two setups both with MS-8.

A) Front are upgraded speakers inlcuding upgraded central speakers. All fronts are connected to amplifier and rears are OEM speakers connected directly to MS-8. After calibrating MS-8, owner increases the gain to all drivers at the front on equal basis. But since rears are connected to MS-8, you can't increase the gains to rears. (unless you play with MS-8 menu and settings)

How does this system sound? Would it not be too front staged?

B) Fronts are upgraded speakers and central is L7 mid range driver. Rears are also L7 mid range drivers or lets say any upgraded drivers.
Front and rear are hooked to amplifier via MS-8 whereas L7 is connected to MS-8 only. Owner increased the gains for front and rears before calibration of MS-8. Owner calibrates the sound system and after MS-8 doing its job, owner does not play with gains any further.

How does that setup sound?

I may be wrong but comparing setup A to setup B, setup A may have better SPL but sound staging will be poor.
Whereas setup B will have better SQ, sound staging and timing however that may compromise on SPL.

What do you think on this?

And lastly to make things slightly more interesting, if you were to add trunk sub (JL W7) with both setups, ie A & B, with which setup, trunk/boot sub would sound better?

or it does not really matter?