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And re: the components, am I really only able to select Focal KRS 100 due to its 39mm fitting? On E90s I understand there is more space in the doors so one can has a greater choice of components... but am I only able to consider the Focals KRS100 on this occassion?

And TAIBANL - what are your views on this Alpine PDX 4.100 amp the guy has offered me for 100 - he's upgrading to some next madness Voce 5.1k etc etc and doesn't require the PDX.

Some people say don't go cheappoh on the amp given it's the hub of the music, however they are good amps in general but I'm not sure how to differentiate betweent he odler noisier ones and the newer ones?!

Any advice please? I don't want to let it go if its a good amp but I don't wanna get it if it's garbage at the same time lol.

Picking up the Jehnerts tmrw which is all good and I know I've made the right decision on them as I'll get a greater Mid Base kick :-)
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