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Originally Posted by BavarianBullet View Post
Definitely let us know what the teardown reveals.

I'm still having a tough time understanding how meth flowing at the CM10 (default meth nozzle for the BMS WW kit, which I have myself) rate of 800cc/min could flood an engine.

I don't know how much meth would be needed to flood an engine to the point where it could lock, but I'd imagine it would have to be somewhere near the size of the combustion chamber (around 40ccs) volume. So, the math I'm struggling with is:
1) 800cc/min flow from CM10 nozzle on static flow = 13.34 cc/sec
2) 40cc combustion chambers fill *once every other rev*
3) 6 Combustion chambers getting roughly equal liquid distribution
4) X engine RPM

So even at idle (600rpm or 10 revs/sec), you get 5 fills per combustion chamber per second = 1200ccs (1.2L) per second of combustion chamber volume. So I'm struggling to understand how 13cc/sec of fluid could overwhelm an engine that can move thousands of ccs/sec depending on what RPM it's running.

If the meth nozzle were removed and you starting flowing 10x the amount of fluid then maybe but it the numbers don't seem to add up to me.

Not defending Burger or CM either and I don't blame you if you wanted to move away from meth in general. It has it's drawbacks.

Again, sorry for the loss and hope you get out of it with your bank account somewhat intact.
This. Their hydrolock diagnoses is not logical.

Did some of the meth kit components work differently than supposed? Which components and how?

Reading the codes may help to understand what happened.

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