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Originally Posted by shadowcoder View Post
I haven't had a new cylinder head yet. Just the bleed procedure done so far.
If when I get back from my holidays the dealer doesn't open a PuMA or the
PuMA is rejected I don't know how I will proceed. I will probably find another
dealer who can assess my car and the noise and hope for the best. If I knew
for sure a dealer out there was going to do the replacement for me, I would
just drive to it no matter how far it was. I just know my car sounds like a
diesel and that's not normal. But we'll see...
I believe they follow a procedure to bleed the car a couple of times (in my case anyways) before they file the PUMA case. It was the 3rd time going to the dealer for me then they opened the PUMA case. You're on the right track so just stick with it. Just take note of everything that you do from going to the dealer, note the dates, and any calls you make to your SA and BMWNA. You shouldn't even have to ask your SA to open a PUMA case for you.