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Originally Posted by 3rd3 View Post
I support circulating a letter to BMW that their tactics on this issue render the company unreliable. They have one from me already.

The TSB only discusses bleeding. Why not go on to state that after a bleed, if the tick remains, a new head is due the customer? This problem warrants BMW issuing a comprehensive recall for 2006-2008, in my opinion. Instead they are playing games with each and every three series owner.

BMW playing this game with its customers is beyond comprehension. So, my advice is everyone you know should go in and complain of ticking. If they fail to repair and replace the head sue under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Enough is enough.

Quoting from above "... consumers may seek redress in the courts for alleged violations of the Magnuson-Moss Act. A consumer who has been injured by the noncompliance of a supplier may bring an action in state court if the amount in controversy is between $25 and $50,000, or a class action in state court if the number of class plaintiffs is less than 100. If the jurisdictional amount, or number of plaintiffs, exceed these limits, such an action may be brought in federal district court.[5] Moreover, one of the key aids to the effectiveness of the Act is that a prevailing plaintiff may recover reasonable costs of suit, including attorney fees.[6]"

Is this really what BMW needs / wants? I say stop playing games and fix defective BMW 3 Series!
Don't forget as I stated earlier the 2009's as well!