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E93 Front spring pad - spring position?

Hi all,

This is perhaps going to sound like the dumbest question ever but I shall go for it nonetheless...!

I have had a look through various threads and can't seem to find an answer, or at least one that is consistent.

I went away for a few weeks leaving my car parked at my parents house. I came back to find that the wheel has disappeared into the front arch. Front coil spring on the offside has snapped and fallen down the shock and is now resting on the link mount. I can't gain access to the nearside as I parked tight against the bushes and the car can't be moved as it really is sitting virtually on the floor.

So, I need to built up a whole replacement assembly before heading down and replacing it on the driveway. I have all the parts ready to go, but it seems the position of the front spring on the pad is up for debate. The pad has a recess which sits in the cup on the front shock absorber (or strut, whichever is your preference ).

Logic tells me the spring goes in this recess, however, as I have not got the original to look at, I can't be sure. Some pictures I have seen seem to suggest the recess is not where the spring is seated and some do. As I have to travel to fit it I want to make sure I get it assembled correctly before I head down with all my tools (I have a floor standing spring compressor, so can't take that with me).

So, I guess the short version is, what is the correct seated position for the front spring on the lower spring pad?!

Any help greatly received. Thanking you muchly.
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