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Originally Posted by Austinsom View Post
Thanks Wolf - It seems to indicate that the ends of the springs should be snug to the recessed stops both at the top and bottom, but doesn't show it clearly in the diagram. I did think that if they weren't needed, why did BMW put them there!
Thats what I did too. If the spring ends aren't fully seated into the recessed ends of the spring cups/holders on the top and bottom of the strut, then your ride height will be a little higher than it should be.

Make sure when releasing pressure from the spring compressor, that you do as the instructions say and WATCH the spring to make sure it doesn't move away from the recessed ends of the spring cups. Otherwise you will realize later that one side of your car is 1-2 cm higher than the other after install.

Edit: i attached the best picture I have to show where the spring should sit. Kind of hard to see the bottom of the spring but its fully seated into the spring cup/holder just like the top is. My previous struts were done by a mechanic who improperly installed the strut top mount so the bearing was tight on one side. The spring ended up moving in the seat, away from the recess. So i had to live with higher ride height on one side. He compensated for it in the alignment, but my car always pulled to the left on the highway.

Basically what I'm trying to say is it's good you are making sure you do this correctly. As its SO easy to mess something up in the front struts and then you gotta live with it for minimum 4 years or else you're wasting money/labour. Needless to say, I stepped up and learned to install my own suspension parts the next time around. ZERO issues this time. Struts turn smoothly, no noises when turning, and pretty much equal ride height on either side. And car doesn't pull to either side on the highway anymore, which drove me mad and was uncomfortable to correct for with these heavy steering cars. You got this
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