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Just another update - i'll be ordering my CTKBM01 on friday but ran into a problem when trying to order the CD-AH200C. Many if not all car audio stores have stopped stocking this and started selling the CA-ANW-200 instead, with one retailer stating that the CA-ANW-200 is the better version as the other kept breaking and later went on to say the CD-AH200C wasn't out to order yet (complete BS).

After speaking to Pioneer, they explain there is a difference betwwen the two cables.

CD-AH200C allows you to connect an Android phone using its own dedicated port. which in turn allows you to connect an ipod or iphone simultaneously to play music from

CA-ANW-200 use the same port as the included ipod/iphone cable from the radio and as such will not allow you to run a ipod/iphone also.

Halfords or any car audiostore can order the CD-AH200C but have to do so direct from Pioneer. and you may have to educate them of the fact.

This is only for people wishing to run an android phone