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After following this thread I couldn't understand why the OP of this post didn't work. By not working I mean I could see the menu choices but it would not let me reset them. On the other thread someone said it was definitely the rear sensor. WRONG! On my 06 330i it was the front sensor, Arrrggg

Anyway this poster here smithrh is 100% correct, you have to wait till the red car goes away. I however did not get the time icon after and I dont think it matters as long as you press and hold the trip reset after the red car goes away.

Originally Posted by smithrh View Post
I can confirm this will work if you already have the "red car on a lift" icon displayed - as others have noted, wait for the red car to be replaced by the time, and then press the trip reset button.

You won't get the triangle, however - you'll be dumped right into the service menu as far as I can tell.

Wait a second or so after you see your first icon, then let the reset button go.

1: put fob in
2: hit the stop/start button
3: wait for the time to appear
4: depress and hold the trip reset button
5: Wait for the first icon to be displayed
6: After 1 second of the icon being displayed, let the trip button go