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Originally Posted by Cadillac Johnson View Post
This would mean that BMW would probly put a V12 into the next M5/M6. BMW has to be aware of the tuning potential of factory turbo motors, considering what's happend with the 335i.

I spose it's a similar situation that they are in now, with the 335i and M3. Although I would think that for the next gen M cars they are going to want to seperate them a little further. BMW has to know that the 335i is going to hurt M3 sales a little bit, I dont think they are going to do this again. This is all IMO of course, but once you start offering TTV8's it's hard to get hyped over an NA V10.
I don't think they'll put a V12 in the next M5
The current V10 is an itty-bitty V10 at only 5.0 liters.
MANY, MANY V8's are larger than that. If anything they'll just bump up the displacement to say 5.2-5.4 liters and push out 550 hp.

But what BMW really needs to do with the M division is concentrate on weight loss.

With the TT engines going into non-M cars and the tunability of them to easily match the M-cars power outputs, what BMW can do is drop the weight of the M cars.

That means aluminum chassis. Sure it's expensive, but it's something that non-M cars can't "upgrade" to in the aftermarket.
Can you imagine dropping 200-250+ pounds off the M5 or upcoming M3.

With model specific parts like (upgraded brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, seats, interior pieces, body panels, etc and with the high revving naturally aspirated motors that rev like race cars and sound killer, there is still lots of exclusivity to the M cars.
Next step IMHO, super strong aluminum chassis that drop the weight of the M cars by 200-250+ pounds.