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Originally Posted by parps View Post i got my replacement key and tried to remove the lock nut.

As I cranked on the breaker bar, it budged a little bit but didn't look like the bolt was turning, so I took the key out to inspect it. This new key was also starting to shear/shred.

So I said screw it. Went to BMW and got 4 regular bolts. removed the remaining 3 before the key was destroyed and replaced them with the regular bolts.

To remove the final (obviously over-torqued bolt), I went to Princess auto and picked up a set of reverse threaded lock removal sockets. Less than 3 seconds with an impact wrench and the bolt was out. I see no use to these things. All a thief has to do is get a set of these reverse threaded sockets (for $20), and your wheels are gone. What's the point???

Probably the last time I'll ever use lock nuts.... what a pain in the arse.
Here we go again.........went over to help a Pal do change over......couldnt find lock key. Dealer never left it in the car as they did changeover last yr. It was Sunday so it has to wait until today.........AT LEAST. Possibly dumbest product ever.