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Unhappy How do I get vomit smell out of leather?

So my kid got sick at school, and on the way home vomited all over the leather seats in the back. I cleaned it up with in minutes, I used a million leather shampoo and conditioner armor all whipes but the leather still smells when your up close. What can I use that's leather safe to remove the smell? Anyone ever have to remove vomit or other smells from their leather caused by either a child or pet?

I've read that to remove smells caused by human or animal bodily fluids you need something that has an enzyme eater to eat the bacteria that is actually causing the smell. This is used in many pet urine/poop odder removers, but because leather is a organic material you can't use anything with an enzyme eater because it will eat your leather too. Has anyone else heard of this?

Thanks for any help