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Hey I wish I had 1 of you for the 100 of the others I have.....
I almost killed 4 of them today at a meeting.....
The lead who is a kid, he's 45 and still lives at home with mom, had a simple task for the past 6 months. Can a product be built or not. Simple!
Not how much will it cost, not any issues with life cycle costs…or where…but can “we” in this “universe” build this product?

They shows up to the meeting with upper management and executives...we are all wearing shirts, ties, jackets....
On the other side....sloppy mess...polo shirts with stains on them pants one size too small.....and one had just eaten lunch…clearly visible on his Abe Lincoln beard and that's before the presentation began. joke 50 freaking what best can be described as font #5.
Read ahead material…was just the printed power points.
And a monotone presentation where the kid looked at the ground more than he looked at the audience.

An hour of my day….where I could have frankly been napping….and the final result….after another half an hour of questioning…..”well maybe”
Well maybe yes? Or well maybe no? Well maybe….Jesus on a stick well which is it? He and his team were told ahead of time…no one’s neck is on the line, we just want to know!

Thank god I had some experience in their project from when I was an engineer and was finally able to pry out some information and get a “yeah, given resources and time given product can be produced.”

A Ret.US Air Force Colonel once told me over drinks “The new typical engineer will find 100 reasons why something will not work rather than focusing on the 1 thing that will make the project take off.” And I have to agree with him. Something went very wrong in the 80’s and 90’s. As these old timers stepped down the young guys stepping up….just didn’t fill those shoes.

So if you are who you say you are, my advice is go for your MBA, and transfer into management. For me it was a solid 20% bump in pay and well let’s face it…women of management are just more of a joy to be around compared to the “handsome” “well built” “robust” ladies of engineering.

As for the original article and the video…..I’m sorry….nothing pisses me off than poorly dressed “handsome” ladies bitching about men looking over them to talk to the giggly cute looking girl. I mean that’s like getting angry at a Lion for not being a vegetarian? What is up with that! You don’t see me bitching about ripped male underwear models? Those guys work hard to stay in shape and work even harder to stay or break into the industry?