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Review on Detailed Image MF Waffle Weave Drying Towel

First off I have to give a big thanks to George for all the help and advice he has given me in the past few months

Alright so last week I received my waffle weave towel and didn't get a chance to use it till today and I gotta say I'm loving it!! it's like a big sponge, but only its not!!. It drys the water up unbelievably fast, all I had to do was just slide it and it absorbed all the water. I don't even think I had to put any pressure and usually you have put light pressure. And the edges are made of silk so you know your not going to damage the paint with swirls.

Ok so first I just washed my car with a sheep skin mitt just a fast wash. Second I used the flood method were I just used the nozzle of the hose and watered the car down this takes a majority of the water off the car already so its less work . My car has 4 coats of Zaino so the surface was silky smooth , but anyway after the flood method I whipped out the waffle weave towel and this just thing works wonders without having to worry about leaving scratches or swirls my only regret is not using this a long time ago!!! This blows regular MF in the wind heres a picture just to give you an idea as to how big it is (sorry for the crappy picture its a camera phone)
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