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Smile Forza 4 Demo Review : )

Wow!!! That is all I can say after playing this game. Turn 10 has done it again. I was lucky to get a code before the demo is released!!

Here is my mini review. Ahead of time, I am sorry for the audio. Didn't have my mic set up all the way.

Also, I am sad because I had taken about 3 hours worth of gameplay from 9 pm to 12 am only to realize my capturing device wasn't set up properly and recorded very badly(unplayable). So, since I have to wake up tomorrow morning really early, I did Part 1. The party will continue tomorrow and there will be MUCH more videos. If you want something, let me know and I will do my best to record it.

First thing I notice is the new tires/physics handling. The car feels connected to the road now completely. Everything you do is connected and affects your driving. You can feel bumps better now, and the drivers hand seems to struggle more in the animations, which shows you struggling. On curves, you feel the pressure of the tires holding you back as you push and accelerate through.

There is a lot more tire smoke : ). It was the first thing I saw when looking through my rear view mirror at the start of the race.

A real sense of speed. Especially in the Zonda. Holy cow! you feel so fast and it makings driving SCARY. Especially in the Alps map, it feels as if you make a mistake, you are going to go flying off the cliff : (. This game has got me really excited. I feel pressure when driving. I never really got that feeling in forza, the feeling that 1 small mistake and your gone.

AI battles you. There were a few times when the AI bumped me into the wall and took the lead. In the first video I choose hard, and I got first, but in Expert I am yet to get first : ).

Graphics!! Wow, I wasn't expecting much, but I was simply BLOWN away. I am more PUMPED and I want my game to get here now!! Everything looks 1000x better with IBL. It really does make a difference. Since the game is on same console as FM3 I was expecting maybe a slight bump, but this looks like an entire new generation. Congrats turn 10!!

Anyways, I have to sleep now. More videos, review, and hopefully even a live stream tomorrow!!

The M5 is amazing btw :3
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