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Question Electrical gremlin - any ideas?

A couple weeks ago, after shutting down my engine, I left the radio on and interior fan blowing. Less than a minute later I got the battery icon on the top middle indicator. I have gotten no indications since. There seems to be no abnormal draw when turning on new accessories (wipers/lights/etc). Then a few nights ago I got the problem that many others have gotten with the door locks. Key fob/comfort access/inside button/pulling inside handle...Nothing would unlock the driver's door except the physical key in the outside lock. After going through the secret menu to check voltage (which checked okay) I got error indicators for the AWD system and ABS. After driving around the next day, those symbols went away on their own. Later that day, I replaced fuse 57(?) I think that's the one with a 20 rather than the recommended 15. Three days now and the car's acted normal. Any ideas or advice? It's an 06 325xi with 105k miles. As far as I know, the battery and alternator are original equip.
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