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Originally Posted by nibbslang View Post
MAKKAN you seem to be the coding hero on here and a general expert on BMW's hopefully you can help me undertand a bit more about the car I have just bought.
I have just bought a E90 320D M Sport which has electrical adjusting mirrors, I have no button for the folding option and they don't fold under the 'hold down lock button' option. Therefore I can easily tell this was not an option taken by the original owner.
Question: If I get a replacement mirror adjusting and window button console with the folding button on + some clever coding by someone such as yourself does this then give me folding mirrors?

Any help would be much appreciated.
If you have power seats and memories, here is DIY thread for you.

However if you have standard seats without memories, then here is some information for you.

And if you are more into DIY stuff and can alter the wiring looms, then read more details here.

Without memory seats, you will be looking to have;
1- Folding mirrors
2- Windows switch
3- Passenger side wiring loom (you may also require driver side).
4- Coding

Hope that helps.