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Originally Posted by YnnoJ420 View Post
Hi everyone! The headlights on my 2007 335i has seen better days and the yellow haze gotta go. The headlights are in perfect working conditions but I'm at a impasse on how to go about the headlights. I have the pre-LCI xenon headlight w/ adaptive h'lamp and my options I'm thinking of is this;

1) Use some headlight restore kit or wet sand it down till the haze is gone. (Super cheap option)

2) New headlight lens. I'm leaning to this option a little more just cause ill be able to customize the headlight (New rings, LED Brow, Demon eye, ECT.) to however I wish once I crack it open for the new lens. Once open I plan on using bavgruppe design products to replace the OEM lighting. Only issue is that I have no idea what the part number is or where to buy just the headlight cover. (If anyone has any idea where to get them, please let me know! It would help me out greatly!) I searched eBay and contacted a seller who said its compatible with my pre-LCI headlights but wanted to get another's opinion. I'm always skeptical about eBay.. Here's the link to the seller.

3) Save up and buy a custom headlight from a local bavgruppe design distributer called bayoptiks. They have retrofit pre-LCI headlights but at the price of your first born. I like the headlights but I feel I'm capable of putting together the headlights myself if I can find the cover to save some money. Heres's the link to the retro fit headlights from bayoptiks.

4) Maybe 2nd cheapest option is to code the car and switch to halogen but I'm fairly new to coding and probably need to do some research. IMO I like xenon lights more then the halogen so rather stick with xenon lights.

Let me know your opinions and if theirs any other options I should look into! Thanks!
Well, a 3rd option would to buy newer or almost new headlights on eBay. They are generally $350-400.00 each.

Personally, I would try option #1.

Option #2 isn't a DIY, I'd recommend. I've done it and broke the angle eye rings in the process of taking the lens off. The angle eye rings are connected to the lenses. You would probably want to use an oven at 200 degrees to soften up the glue & you will need some marine type of sealant.

No way would I go from Xeon to Halogen.
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