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Originally Posted by MikeTN330i View Post
I just finished a door lock actuator replacement on the passenger side. The first time was a pain in the a** Now that I have done it once, the next time would be much easier.

Got the parts from Tischer; passenger (right) door lock actuator part number 51217202146 ($69.41). I also ordered some extra door panel clips, part number 51418224768 ($0.59/each). The clips are pretty easy to mangle during door panel removal, so I bought 10 just to be safe, and ended up using a few.

Just a couple of differences on the passenger side:

1. To remove the passenger door panel you must pry off the vertical plastic door handle and remove an additional screw (T20).
2. It helps to have a second person to unhook the window from the power window clips. I lowered the window about 4 inches before starting. From this position, you can reach behind the bottom of the glass and release the clips from the back. If one person does this while a second person lifts up on the window, then it comes out very easily.
3. On the passenger side there is no need to remove the exterior door handle cover.

Thanks for the good right-up and pics. I wouldn't have tried without them, but now that it's done, I would do it again.
Did you have to have the computer reprogrammed? I read on another thread that the computer has to be programmed to read the new actuator which makes no sense to me. I assume you didnt have to and it works just fine?