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Originally Posted by Boz335i View Post
When I first read 390bhp and saw the mods I thought no way, more like 350, but the OP could have been a victim of a crappy RR.

The 1st RR I did was my stock 335i at the BMW show and it came out at 345bhp (about 15% over). I went away believing this was a right result until I realised there was no way this was possible.
I was standing with jimmylimmy (member on here) who had just had only a remap done on his 335d and his was reading IIRC around 385bhp.

I have since had it re-done at Evolve and it came out a 370bhp. I expected about 385 as it's JB4 + DCI + Performance exhaust. (This would have been 425 on the BMW show roller )

So, I guess it could be a genuine mistake by the OP.

Hallelujah...Wow you sure as some here would have you believing that Evolve rollers should be taken with a pinch of salt.

But this thread has killed it for the OP sadly...

GLWTS anyway...