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Originally Posted by kronos View Post
I think so. If you lower the window to 4" showing, the hole in the glass lines up with the oval hole in the black metal guide, allowing you to push any old screwdriver through both and push the white plastic clip out of the hole while you push up slightly on the lower edge of the window to release it. Slide it up and tape it at the top when it's free from both clips.
I've done this twice in the last 2 weeks because:
1. When I tried to put the new actuator in, I found it was Right side instead of LEFT. Got the dealer to change it via post.
2. Yesterday, Got the new actuator inside the door and was trying to bolt it in place but I could not do it. Took it out again. Looked CLOSELY at the holes and saw there is no thread in the 3 boltholes. Smooth as a baby's bottom.
Can't phone dealer til tomorrow and I am totally at a loss to know if I am making a mistake or is this is a faulty piece. Am I missing something obvious here? The dealer is the biggest one in Ireland.

when i used the screwdriver, i felt i was grinding way too much into the glass using it as a fulcrum point. but your description is exactly how it should be done, i was just a wuss :P

1. they sent you the passenger actuator instead of driver side?
2. mine bolted in easily so yours maybe defective? try pushing in with more force and then screwing the bolt in to make your own thread?