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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
I always say i'm going to stay out of a thread, but then people continue to post comments that ignore facts. I spent the good part of two pages trying to explain why the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of the PROcede flex fuel kit that sets it apart from the competition is that it automatically adjusts the tune based on the fuel mixture that your car is running at any given moment. This is an essential safety and convenience feature.

I'm very happy that you're making 400+ whp with just your JB4. I'm not exactly sure how you're doing it without advancing timing, but whatever. Personally, I could care less if I was making a few horsepower more or less, I'd even be happy with Cobb's lower numbers, but ONLY if there was some kind of built in failsafe. Running an aggressive E85 tune without one is an accident waiting to happen.

That is why I suggested the OP buy the Procede with Fexfuel kit in my first post. Instead this thread turned into a massive pissing match . There is more to running a tune than making the most amount of power. You own a BMW for goodness sakes! It is a sophisticated machine and deserves to be treated with some respect.
Im sorry. OP get the Vishnu. The more vishnu the less i have to worry about losing at the drag strip . And Yes ill admit it would be nice to just put is whatever E85 mix you want up to 100% and not worry. Im a track junky and like consistency, for that reason im happy with my setup. As soon as my 60ft time pops up i ALWAYS know within a few 1/100 of a second what im going to run. Im simply put in my mix (45% ethanol) and do a log or two and im good to do. Trust me theres no hate here, I want the most out of my car safely, and when i see results (drag strip) preferably with my own eyes so i kno there is no weight reductions etc, if they impress me, id probably go your route.
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